Solange is doing it! Need I say more?


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This trend is nothing new. I feel like it’s heyday may have been last season but who cares about that seasons shit. I’m still feeling it. And may finally, one day, soonish, have the guts to try it. I think I’d like to take a more vintage-y approach though, as opposed to the bold graphic approach in most of these.


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A little music post for the soul. I swear if it weren’t for the blog-o-sphere I’d never discover new music.

New Timber Timbre. That’s all.

I’m kind of digging Cat Power’s cropped blonde look. I feel like every girl needs a bleached out pixie phase. I’ve done the pixie thing but I didn’t go all the way with the bleaching. Regret. But whatever. I’m really into this video.

Last night we checked out the free mini Beck show/Jimmy Kimmel taping in Hollywood. I normally don’t enjoy those things (a lot of waiting, etc) but I did it for Beck. It was super worth it. He didn’t phone it in at all. They taped two songs then he just played a mini show, full of energy and good music. If you have a chance to see him on this new tour I would highly suggest it.


I hope whomever stumbles upon this blog today is having a good long weekend. I’m currently having an afternoon beer and watching HGTV. Good day.

Just a couple bits and bobs on the internet…

Minimalist guide to spring cleaning. (I wish!)

Thinking about a sunny evening drinking this sweet tea.

Quintessential california vintage inspired home.

I’m excited to see this movie.

This girl has inspired me to do push ups. That’s a real feat.

(above photo by Tamara Lichtenstein)


Do what you love. Love what you do.

Those are wonderful words, aren’t they? A spectacular idea. A great notion. However, it is harder than it sounds in those two tight sentences, in those eight words to accomplish. As a teenager I always thought I knew what I loved to do and that I would stay on that path with great tenacity until it was done and I did what I loved. But somewhere along the road my idea of what I loved started getting muddled. As I grew up and starting living in the real world things began to change. It’s pretty obvious that things change when you go from fantasizing about a profession to even getting your first minimum wage job. The two are not the same but step by step I began to feel the complexity of doing what you love and making money from it. Little by little I was heading in the direction I had always cared about and the closer and closer I got (not that I got THAT close!) the less and less I enjoyed myself and the less I loved about this particular “career” choice. That threw me for a goddamn loop. Feeling like a door was painfully closing the other awful part was like other windows, doors, vent, you name it, were also opening. It makes one feel rather scattered brained. People keep telling me it’s normal to feel the way I do. At the moment I am in my early twenties (almost mid) and I have a thousand interests. Maybe a thousand is an exaggeration. But even within liking lots of things when you begin to contemplate choosing one as a career all the aspects of why it may suck begin creeping in and you ask yourself, will this truly be what I love?

It’s too much pressure!

My brain explodes almost everyday. Granted, I have a particular obsession with the topic of what am I going to do with my whole life? Combined with some neurosis and worry wart-ism that I think I got genetically, these thoughts exhaust me.

I’m coming to the conclusion that this do what you love thing is more complicated than one sentence. There will never be something that will make me entirely happy and fulfilled. It’s just gotta be as simple as I love more than I don’t. Accepting the aspects that you don’t/won’t love… that’s the ticket. Maybe? I don’t want to commit to any real statement here. Just like I can’t commit to one interest. So fuck it. Do what you love. Love what you do.

Meet The Maker: Steven Alan from Need Supply Co. on Vimeo.

This is my first personal post. It came from a rabbit hole of watching videos and interviews like the one above. They equally excite me, inspire me and stress me out. I love, love, love Steven Alan and his passion for his business. And obviously, like you, like everyone I want to love what I do. It’s hard sometimes to dig deep and understand what is inside your core. So I suppose I have no choice but to let the journey continue.

P.S. This Do What You Love feature on A Pair & A Spare is nice a read. If you’re not pacing the room with your stomach in a knot for no reason.


Just popping in for a sec to share this cocktail I made yesterday. I’m only sharing it because it was surprisingly good. I normally whip up concoctions that are well, let’s say they get the job done.

Ingredients (Yields Two Servings)

3 oz vodka
1 cup cubed watermelon
5 slices of cucumber
1 lime (juiced)
2 oz basil infused simple syrup (1 part sugar 1 part water, 5-10 basil leaves)
5 fresh basil leaves

soda water

After the simple syrup has cooled add all ingredients to a shaker (except soda water). I didn’t have a shaker so I used a plastic pitcher and covered the spout with my hand and just shook the crap out of it. Pour over ice, add a good splash of soda water and garnish with whatever you’d like (basil leaves, cucumber, lime, watermelon).

Enjoy and watch the sunset.


one, two, three, four

This is something I thought I was seeing everywhere. This chunky, beaded, often ceramic accessory trend. However, when I decided to do a post about it I had a rough time finding examples. Maybe that’s because this is one of those trends where I only like a very specific piece of the sort. Does that make sense? Anyway let’s take a sec to explore this. These necklaces remind me of an art teacher. In a good way though. This chunky look that could almost be DIY/Arts & Crafts – y. I looked at few DIYs of the sort and some versions on etsy and none stood out to me like these. I may take the plunge and purchase that Academy piece from Need Supply. I think these necklaces would nicely spruce up a classic striped tee. Then maybe I’ll look like a french art teacher? I’m okay with that.


I love gin. Typically (or so I am told) it’s a warm weather drink. I don’t buy into that, all year round I drink a good ol’ gin & soda with a lime. The promise of summer is lingering I’m eyeing these colourful cocktails. Go gin!

1. Berry Gin Sparkler

2. Blood Orange Gin & Tonic

3.  Pineapple Gin Kir

4. Grapefruit, Cucumber & Gin Cocktail

5. Elderflower Smash

6. Blackberry Gin & Tonic



Happy Monday, Internet! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. Just to start the week off right take 25% off everything and anything in the shop. ALL WEEK LONG!

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Lauren Moffatt is one of those designers where I always say if I had unlimited money she is all I would wear. Of course that’s not true because there are several designers I say that about. It is a select few. Each and every collection that comes out from Lauren Moffatt seems almost better than the last. I love her print choices and the subtle details in her garments. This one is definitely no disappointment.

Images via Calivintage


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