Salt Tree

A little while ago I posted about our west coast road trip with trusty iphone photos. I recently got some colour film developed and I wanted to share a few of the oceany photos here. Still I have a freezer bag filled with black and white and 120 that I’m hoping someday I’ll have time to process myself. I’ll probably cave in and shell out the big bucks to get it all processed at the shop here. But in the meantime… colour!



Weekend Music.

Just some stuff I’ve been listening to while making coffee on this rainy morning. Enjoy the weekend, world.


Summer is for swimming

I’ve been a fan of the Lonely Hearts lingerie label for a while. Although I have not purchased any of their beautiful pieces. Buying fancy underwear seems very real life woman/adult to me and I get anxiety about adulthood. I’m not sure how talking about swimwear led me to anxiety. Back to the point, this season they have released a swim collection and I love love love it. Swimwear is one of those things where mostly, I hate everything. This collection though, I love. Especially the one pieces. For some reason splurging on a swimsuit that will last me a couple seasons seems less scary than splurging on lingerie. That’s just me.


swim swim2 swim3 swim4 swim5 swim6 swim7 swim8 swim9



What A Bad Ass Kitchen

I’ve been dreaming about buying a house these days. I love doing around the house projects but I hate that feeling of wasting my time and money on them in a rental property. Plus giving someone else thousands of dollars a year to help them pay of their asset bums me out too. I guess I get shelter and a place to sleep in return but, ya know, whatever.

Constantly, regardless of contemplating buying a house, I enjoy the endless consumption on pinterest of homes, interiors, design, all things house related, etc. This particular kitchen has popped up several times this morning and boy oh boy! It’s a good one, no? I’m sharing it hear because I think it’s so damned awesome. It’s modern but you can still tell it sits in an old victorian home. I love the subway titles that are backing the cabinets. Personally, I could never have those beautiful open cabinets because I am a secret slob.

I admire this kitchen.







View more photos of this stunner, here.


Music: Metronomy

Looks like Metronomy has a new album out. By new I mean two months old. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been having a hard time staying in touch with new music, etc. So today, two months after the fact I came across this video from the new album. Metronomy is a band I discovered because a music video from one of their earlier (maybe their first LP?) albums was floating around the interweb and I dug it. This new one of the song Love Letters, I’m digging it as well. All their videos are quite, quirky, I suppose but I’m into it.


Modern Ways To Wear It: The Printed Jumpsuit

Guys, have you noticed the 90s are back in full swing? Have you heard of this whole normcore thing? While this jumpsuit does not fit the “normcore” bill, its definitely 90s and if you ask me normcore is basically rooted in 90s fashion. We’ve blown through all the decades being “in” and now we’re up to the 90s, late nineties even. If you ask me all fashion from all decades have their place in modern style. So let’s modernize this amazing jumpsuit. To be honest kids, I may end up keeping this puppy to myself.


1990′s Abstract Print Jumpsuit

1.) Add some abstract to your abstract with this geometrical necklace.
2.) Add some vintage to your vintage with these shoes.
3.) Cover your shoulders with this beautiful USA made kimono.
4.) If summer never comes, sport this tote.
5.) Chunk it up with this awesome rosegold screw cuff.

I’m ready to wear this on a sunny afternoon farmers market jaunt.


the humanity of it all


“I didn’t get married until I was 50. I think it finally happened because I stopped thinking it was possible.””How do you mean?””Before I gave up, I was putting so much pressure on myself that I’d immediately be considering and measuring every man I’d meet. It’s not natural to begin a relationship with such a long term view. When I met my husband, I wasn’t looking past that afternoon.”

Do you follow Humans of New York? I imagine you do, it’s wildly popular. And for many great reasons.

Today I was looking at it and came across the woman above. First, I was attracted to the image because of how lively she seemed and then the text made me feel so good. It’s a very simple lesson yet very wise. I don’t necessarily relate to it in the context she speaks of. Romantic relationships, that is. But I’d like to apply these words to my “career” anxieties. Most of my worries stem from the question, is this what I want forever? When it would be far healthier to ask, is this what I want right now?

I hope everyone who stumbles upon this has a lovely, sunny, relaxing weekend. Free from anxiety. I’m gonna try.


style admiration: floral on floral



Solange is doing it! Need I say more?


one, two, three, four

This trend is nothing new. I feel like it’s heyday may have been last season but who cares about that seasons shit. I’m still feeling it. And may finally, one day, soonish, have the guts to try it. I think I’d like to take a more vintage-y approach though, as opposed to the bold graphic approach in most of these.


one, two,Β three,


feel it

A little music post for the soul. I swear if it weren’t for the blog-o-sphere I’d never discover new music.

New Timber Timbre. That’s all.

I’m kind of digging Cat Power’s cropped blonde look. I feel like every girl needs a bleached out pixie phase. I’ve done the pixie thing but I didn’t go all the way with the bleaching. Regret. But whatever. I’m really into this video.

Last night we checked out the free mini Beck show/Jimmy Kimmel taping in Hollywood. I normally don’t enjoy those things (a lot of waiting, etc) but I did it for Beck. It was super worth it. He didn’t phone it in at all. They taped two songs then he just played a mini show, full of energy and good music. If you have a chance to see him on this new tour I would highly suggest it.


Springy Bits

I hope whomever stumbles upon this blog today is having a good long weekend. I’m currently having an afternoon beer and watching HGTV. Good day.

Just a couple bits and bobs on the internet…

Minimalist guide to spring cleaning. (I wish!)

Thinking about a sunny evening drinking this sweet tea.

Quintessential california vintage inspired home.

I’m excited to see this movie.

This girl has inspired me to do push ups. That’s a real feat.

(above photo by Tamara Lichtenstein)