Style Admiration: The Art Teacher Necklace

one, two, three, four

This is something I thought I was seeing everywhere. This chunky, beaded, often ceramic accessory trend. However, when I decided to do a post about it I had a rough time finding examples. Maybe that’s because this is one of those trends where I only like a very specific piece of the sort. Does that make sense? Anyway let’s take a sec to explore this. These necklaces remind me of an art teacher. In a good way though. This chunky look that could almost be DIY/Arts & Crafts – y. I looked at few DIYs of the sort and some versions on etsy and none stood out to me like these. I may take the plunge and purchase that Academy piece from Need Supply. I think these necklaces would nicely spruce up a classic striped tee. Then maybe I’ll look like a french art teacher? I’m okay with that.

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